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Lose yourself in the colorful tunes that hit their crescendo, with every new splash adding to the overall vibrancy of the nights.
Noise Singapore

Art Festivals

Behold the beauty of each stroke on the canvases that cover meaningful elements of different styles of art.
Noise Singapore

Craft Shows

As we have put up newer concepts for you to explore, set sailing on a journey through this ocean of artistic masterpieces.
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Art and gallery
Noise Singapore

Visual Arts

We take this to the next level with the visual impact created by the combination of life-infused hues of joy.
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Festival’s Online Art Auction

Head over to our platform for the annual auction of the most popular pieces of the decade alongside the exclusive new launches.
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Noise Singapore

Multi-Disciplinary Arts

This is a category of arts that encompasses several activities to experiment with novel forms of expression. Established artforms are combined with a tinge of innovation to bring out the burgeoning section of talent.

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Make Art

With the current conditions encumbering our lives, art is an escape we offer on the screens without any safety risks.
This is the perfect way to promote your reputation as an artist, with the online sale helping us grow.
Katherine Hall
No better online gallery exists for anyone looking to spend a few hours in the world of art during these hard times.
Frederick Lyons

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